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Essay about Henry in Henry V - 518 Words

Henry in Henry V The bishops refer to Henry in the first scene as a sudden scholar who can reason in divinity. Canterbury says, The king is full of grace, and fair regard. Ely quotes and a true lover of the holy church. The two bishops, pretty much have the same view on Henry, they think highly of him. Henrys past is described by Ely and Canterbury, the two bishops. Canterbury quotes, Since his addiction was to cause vain, His companies unletterd, rude, and shallow, His hours filled with riots, banquets, sports; And never noted in him any study, And retirement any sequestration, From open haunts and popularity. Ely says, The strawberry grows†¦show more content†¦Henry asks the archbishop if he feels that it is right to invade France. He questions the archbishop asking him if his claim to the French throne is strong. In this speech we hear the king asking the archbishop and in this speech he asks for one thing above all else and that is for the archbishop to speak the truth through honesty, even if its not what the king wants to hear. King Henry also asks of the law of Salic. This is the law by which no claim can be made via the roots of a female relative, no female claim, this shows us that the king takes war very seriously. Reading this speech makes you realise that he does not want to rush things, he actually sees war as a good thing. Canterbury, involved in this speech begins his very long reply to the question. The answer is a very interesting and intriguing, detailed speech. Canterbury tells the king yes. He notifies the king, telling him that the law of Salic only applies to the Salic land and that France its self has no such restrictions to the throne. Henry then really shows us his true characteristics of being a king. King Henry is a master tactician of war and he realises that if he goes to France and leaves England with no defences England would be exposing themselves for invasion, so he comes up with the idea that halfShow MoreRelated Essay on Political Drama in Henry IV and Henry V1499 Words   |  6 PagesPolitical Drama in Henry IV and Henry V  Ã‚        Ã‚   The contention that Shakespeare’s histories are in fact political drama appears to fall uneasily on the ears of modern readers.   One reason for this could be the fact that we, as a society, have blurred the connotation of politics to the vaguest of notions – narrow at times, yet far too inclusive.   A young reader is likely to view politics as election and debate, a sort of ongoing candidacy.   Indeed, this may be a valid modern definition, if somewhatRead MoreHenry Iv And Henry V By William Shakespeare1602 Words   |  7 PagesIn Henry IV and Henry V by Shakespeare, a father and son have diametrically different reigns as king. While both kings are politically savvy and gain the favor of the people, only one, Henry V, has the divine right of kings. The divine right of kings is the belief that power is instilled in them by God and rebellion against them is considered a sin. The influence of divine intervention is shown through the punishment and guilt of Henry IV and the success of Henry V. The rule of Henry IV illustratesRead MoreHenry V, By William Shakespeare991 Words   |  4 PagesThe Real Henry V Through the play Henry V, by William Shakespeare, Henry is portrayed as a King who is well organized, and in complete control of his command. In the end of the play a different personality of King Henry is exposed. Catherine’s King Henry is vulnerable, and almost begging Catherine to be his wife. This Henry that is trying to woo Catherine doesn’t seem like the real Henry, he seems vulnerable, and self-conscious. When examining Henry throughout the play he is in control, his movesRead MoreThe Prince vs. Henry V Essay1032 Words   |  5 PagesThe Prince vs. Henry V A comparison of attributes After reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and watching Shakespeare’s Henry V in class, one begins to notice similarities between the authors’ idea of what a â€Å"perfect king† should be. The patterns between the ideal ruler of Shakespeare and the ideal ruler of Machiavelli can be seen in numerous instances throughout this story. For the duration of this essay, I will compare the similarities in both pieces to give the reader a better understandingRead MoreHenry The V ( Twelfth )2085 Words   |  9 PagesHenry the V (5th) is one of William Shakespeare’s famous plays and is patriotic and exciting play that is centred around Henry V’s responsibilities as King and his personality while on his conquest in France. The play covers the many problems that occur throughout the journey and Henry’s Victories in the main battles. Henry’s life before he was Kings was mostly drinking and fighting even though he was prince these problems would highly affect his peoples’ support. Henry had a couple of DrinkingRead More The Function of the Chorus in Henry V Essay1663 Words   |  7 PagesThe Function of the Chorus in Henry V O for a muse of fire, The Chorus introduces the start of Henry V with imagery of flames and war. Shakespeare uses the Chorus to initiate the play and summarise each act to the audience before the next one begins. He is merely a tool to avoid the audience getting too confused. The function for the chorus is merely a practical one, by summarising the plot at every available opportunity; there is little chance for confusion, evenRead MoreEssay Functions of the Chorus in Shakespeares Henry V2783 Words   |  12 PagesFunctions of the Chorus in Shakespeares Henry V In Shakespeares Henry V, the chorus plays a prominent role. There are few other plays written by Shakespeare that include a chorus, however in no other play does the chorus have such an important role. The principal purpose of the chorus is that of story telling. The chorus acts as a guide for the audience, narrating parts that wouldnt fit into the action of the play. For example in the Act II Chorus, we are told aboutRead MoreHenry V By William Shakespeare1060 Words   |  5 Pagesrecounted in Henry V by William Shakespeare, the English infantry was at an overall disadvantage; England was outnumbered 5:1 and had an incapacitated and unskilled army. Despite this, the English were victorious in their crusade as a result of the leadership of King Henry V. He was able to capitalize on the disadvantages of his soldiers by inspiring motivation through the use of powerful speeches, personal connections, and invaluable incentives. To inspire the English soldiers, Henry V delivered twoRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Henry V1445 Words   |  6 PagesIn times where kings were references to God, and tariffs were set upon to pardon sins. In which the Great Chain of being dictated the order on to which place you ought to be or were born into. William Shakespeare’s Henry V, narrates the story of one of England’s greatest monarchs. Shakespeare, exploits a specific time period in Medieval History, The battle of Agincourt, France versus England, in Henry’s lead to what we sought and claimed the French Crown, to whom he was denied his but laterRead MoreEssay on William Shakespeares Henry V1606 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Shakespeares Henry V William Shakespeare is one of the most famous and influential writers of all time. His plays not only portray the past, but also aspects of love and hate, humour and tragedy. Henry V, written by Shakespeare, using Raphael Holinsheds historical chronicles, appealed to many of the citizens of that time, as it presented an insight into their countrys past, as well as feel-good nationalism. It would have been performed on stage at a time

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Ownership of Digital Downloads - 1058 Words

Ownership of Digital Downloads Digital downloads are intellectual Properties of the innovators and the actual owners of the ideas uploaded online. Ownership of digital content is exclusively reserved for the copyright owners who have spent many years and others decades trying to come up with an idea. Downloading of digital content online does not make that user the owner, and as such, there are no rights that have been transferred to the user except those of using the content. For instance, a user is allowed to listen and enjoy the downloaded music, watch the movies and read the books found online but it ends at that. They cannot hold any ownership rights other than those of using it. Technology has evolved with high speed and it attracts many people especially the youths who prefer to use online downloads as opposed to tangible sources. As result, people who have produced their content such as books, music and film are attracted to upload their content online for people to buy it and then download it. Sales are better online than on the stores as it is convenient, faster and accessible. The internet provides an easy method of sale but the prices are much lower than those of purchasing a tangible content such as a book, a CD or a tape. Books, CDs and tapes carry ownership rights and can be considered the buyers property as opposed to the online copy which ownership does not leave the copyrighter. In this case, you cannot be said to own something you cannot show or hold.Show MoreRelatedThe Digital Transformation Of Communication, Information And Entertainment Media Essay1369 Words   |  6 PagesNew Media is the digital transformation of communication, information and entertainment media, including music (Giddings, 2). The way music is produced, distributed and consumed or listened to has developed due to new media, digital technologies.This essay will examine in depth the streaming service, Spotify through breaking down the various, both positive and negative effects that it has on the music industry. Overall, this essay will discuss the idea that however convenient streaming on SpotifyRead MoreHow Music Has Changed Our Lives1746 Words   |  7 Pagesof music such as CDs to their digital counterparts. As shown in the graph below, we see that as the years progress the amount of digital downloads of singles and albums dwarfs those of CDs and CD singles. As to why there has been such a change in how we listen to music, the possible reasons could range from the convenience of digital copies, how digital copies are becoming more accessible, the need to keep in stride with the times, or that it is easier to have digital music than physical musi c. Read MoreDigital Piracy Is It Really?1081 Words   |  5 PagesWith the growing increase in technology comes the increase in the amount of digital media that is being shared amongst the world. With technology now being the means of communication it becomes easier to help those who do not have access to certain content be able to experience it that might have not had the chance. When the topic of digital piracy is bought up in conversation it immediately jumps to the conversation that the use of piracy would be the same as stealing a car or a television, andRead MoreThe Legal And Economic Concerns Of Copyright Laws1689 Words   |  7 Pagesdifficult odds at making a living from their passion. This paper will discuss the legal and economic concerns of copyright laws. First, this paper will describe the background and history of copyright laws. Then, this paper will cover the concepts of ownership and stealing. It will then discus file sharing and how it has affected the entertainment industry. Finally, it will conclude with a look at how a hypothetical system without copyright laws would function. The World Intellectual Property OrganizationRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet On Consumer Ownership Via Spotify Essay1231 Words   |  5 Pagesillegal downloads. Despite this increased accessibility to music, the idea of consumer ownership via Spotify is only an illusion. There is a sense of ritual tied to tangible music technologies; object fetishism is satisfied through physical object being collected (,292). Spotify, along with other streaming sites have generated debate around current copyright laws. Spotify launched in 2008, is a relatively new technology that the legal world is yet to catch up with, the last update was the Digital MillenniumRead MoreThe Future Of Recorded Music1703 Words   |  7 Pagessolve many of the problems. Before digital media emerged, listeners primarily accessed recorded music through buying physical copies of records or CDs. They also recorded live music or music played on the radio, so they could listen at a later time. Even further in the past, the public could only access music through live performances. As ways of owning music developed, the public held fast to each new improvement, from personal recordings to digital downloads. Naturally, people crave the newestRead MoreInternet Copyright Laws1388 Words   |  6 Pagescomes home to his dorm at the University of Scranton after a rough day of classes. With the quick internet connection provided on the schools network, the student makes a few clicks and logs into Morpheus, a program that enables music fans to download free music. Within a few minutes he is on his way to owning an unlimited amount of songs at no cost. Everything this student is doing is legal, right? Wrong. The downloaded music from the internet is copyrighted material. Todays internet isRead MorePiracy, The Intellectual Property Rights Of The Recording Industry Association Of America1285 Words   |  6 Pagesproblem that the RIAA has with this violation is that they believe their sales are declining because of piracy. In fact, the sales are declining, but only in the CD area. With the digital downloads becoming available of not just albums but singles as well, most of the consumers are shifting their focus to the digital industry, where there has been a 1000 percent increase in revenue from 2004 to 2010. If the sales did not decline, the RIAA should not have a problem with piracy, as they areRead MoreShould Media Law Protect Intellectual Property?1059 Words   |  5 Pagesmedia law should protect IP, how long should the protection be in force? Is it ethical to own ideas? Media Law covers media rights and is basically based on court decisions. The three general areas covered are print media, telecommunications and digital communications. Intellectual Property is defined as creations of the mind such as inventions like literary, artistic works, designs, symbols, names and images used in commerce (World Intellectual Property Organization, (n.d.) Sources used for thisRead MoreThe Importance of Copyright1614 Words   |  6 Pagesobjects are typically believe to be more important when regarding copyrights, society has had significant problems in recent years as a result of the fact that the internet practically broke all the rules regarding the matter and people are able to download a series of products without paying for them. Most people fail to understand that it is wrong for them to steal music and songs and simply believe that they are doing an artist a service by employing such attitudes as a result of showing interest

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Budgeting Requirement And Plan Business Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 3018 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Case study Did you like this example? Originally Briscoes was established in Wolverhampton, England in year 1781. Then they expanded their business to Australia and New Zealand. In 1862 Briscoes warehouse and store was established in Dunedin, corner of Princes and Jetty Street. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Budgeting Requirement And Plan Business Essay" essay for you Create order That was the year of gold rush in New Zealand and Briscoes supplied everything from picks and shovels for gold miners, iron to construct wharves, dynamite to open tunnels and reclaim land. They also used to sell the crockery, lamps and cutlery for colonial homes. They even used to sell red tiled roofs that adorn thousands of New Zealand homes and businesses as well as magnificent pressed steel ceilings that grace thousands of villas. In 1893 Briscoes decided to expand their business in New Zealand. They opened two new branches in Invercargill and Wellington and another one in Auckland in 1900. Auckland branch was used as their head office until 1960s. By 1980 Briscoes had gone through several ownership and was struggling to maintain their position in the market. The business was on the edge of bankruptcy, the company was at loss over $2 milliion. This was when there was change of leadership at Briscoes and Rod Duke, originally born in England, grow up in Australia took over as a mana ging director. It was Dukes responsibility to generate cash if he wanted to spend in the business. Then he discovered that there were lots of unsold stocks which were in stores for over 12 months. To maintain Briscoes slogan New Zealands lowest priced discounter for the future, he reduced the price for most of the product by 10% or 25% and they would have promotions like One Day Sale, Briscoes Untouchable One Day Sale or Superhero One Day Sale on Fridays to get customers to Biscoes. In 1990 Rod Duke bought Briscoes and by this time Briscoes was fully back on track. They opened another retail store in Manukau, they also needed the new face of the company and choose Tammy Wells. She is the lady on all Briscoes advertisement on tv, catalogues and companys radio spots. Having Mitre10 and Placemakers around, Briscoes dropped their hardware lines and childrens toys. In 1996 Briscoes opened their first sister company Rebel Sports at Panmure which sells all sports gear. Following year th ey opened another branch in Manukau. By 2001 they had 28 Briscoes stores and 11 Rebel Sports stores throughout New Zealand. In 2006 Briscoes had purchased another company Living Giving, they had nine stores. By 2010 Briscoes has gone into recession and they had to do lots of cost cutting. Their Riccarton stores in Christchurch were also damaged in 2011 earthquake and had been demolished. By 2012 their Briscoes Rebel Sport stores in Christchurch were operational again on the same site. The company also moved onto online sales which was a success. 2012 Briscoes celebrated 150 years in New Zealand and their turnover was up 8% and profits were up 27%. One the share market, the company chares obediently climbed 14 cent. Now Briscoes Group has 80 store networks of Briscoes Homeware, Rebel Sports, and Living and Giving with 1750 loyal and supportive staff. Briscoes is focused on delivering value to its customers. Even though Briscoes Group is such a big company, they still lack corpor ate culture. After carefully analysing the company, the team was confident that Briscoes Group Ltd lacked organisation culture. The managerial problem will be discussed in depth with the help of Natalia Devi, Human Resources Advisor we gained in depth information into the organisation structure and operation. This we can conclude from implementing few changes to improve the organisational culture will make in multimillion dollar company move recognisable terms of customer service and a brand that will be recoganised for its corporate culture and that will not only lead to customer confidence but also create a brand name. Statement of Problem The problem is lack of corporate culture in Biscoes Group and it is an internal problem to Briscoes. Its a communication breakdown between store management to store staff. 1.11 Nature of the Business Briscoes Group Ltd is a retail business. They owned 3 types of retail stores; Briscoes Homeware, Rebel sports and Living Giving. Now Briscoes Homeware and Living Giving are combined together. Briscoes Homeware has a wide range of products. They sells everything that customers need to set up their home example bed bath products for bedroom and bathroom, electrical appliances, kitchen ware products, dining entertaining , cleaning laundry, bags luggage, decorating accessories, outdoor living and furniture storage products. Briscoes try to bring cheap and low discounted products to its customers. Rebel Sports product range are all sports related products such as sports clothing, footwear, sports gears, exercise fitness products, camping fishing, games and accessories and swimming watersports product with quality brand names. 1.12 Organisation culture Organisations have directors, managers and employees which forms a team. Then they form a culture for every employee to follow. There are values, behaviours that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organisation. In general organisations have certain values, policies procedures, rules and guidelines which help them create their own image. At the moment Briscoes Groups culture is more laid back then being corporate. So far Briscoes has non corporate culture. 1.13 Organisation Structure In organisation structure each individual is given a position with different responsibilities for them to operate and perform towards the organisations objective by following the standard operating procedures and policies, which involves them to participate in decision making processes. Managing DirectorsBriscoes Group organisation structure is from top senior management, board of director, chief operating officer, general operations (business) manager, then its store management retail manager, assistant manager. Last are store staffs, they are sales assistant, office administration staff and store person. Chief Operating Officer Senior Management Operation/ Business Manager Assistant Manager Retail Manager Store Management Office Administration Sales Assistant Checkout staff 1.14 Product(s), Service(s) Target Market(s) Briscoes Homeware has a very wide range of products as discussed above in nature of business. They have both seasonal products and daily used products as well and Rebel Sports has all sports wears clothings and gears with good brand name like Adidas, Nike, and Puma etc. The Service they provide is online shopping with various payment types such as American Express, Visa card, Master Cards. You can shop online and as well as in store. They also deliver products with in New Zealand which takes at least three to five working days but they do have respected delivery charge based on weight and size of the product. For returning products they provide 30 working days from the date of purchase. If the goods are faulty they replace, send for repair or refund the money using the original payment method. Briscoes sell gift vouchers as well. This makes customers job easier. If they have difficulty in using the product for gift, they can buy gift card or voucher so that the person can purchase anything of their choice from any Briscoes stores. There stores are everywhere in New Zealand and their target market is people from the age of seventeen and above individuals, families and households. Briscoes products are very low price. They also promise their customers that if they find the same product in other store on lower price then Briscoes, they will beat it by 10%. Their brand slogan is Youll never buy better. For Rebel Sports, their target market includes kids and adults who are into sports or like to have branded clothing sportswears. 1.20 Business Management Problem The problem is internal problem. Its a communication breakdown between the store management store staff. The problem was identified while shopping at Briscoes. It was strange to see the communication between the manager and the staff. There was no professionalism at all being such a big company. Due to the lack of professionalism, it made me think whether I am buying the right thing or not. There was a variety of product range. The service was provided by manager and he had a great knowledge of product. To my amusement he used in appropriate words to communicate with the counter staff to close the final sale. Words he used were Hey you put this sale through and without saying thank you he walked away. The way he spoke to other staffs were so unprofessional even the staff who were below the age of 25 were using in appropriate words in front of other customers. This concludes that Briscoes Group Ltd has in effective organisational culture (Corporate culture). 1.21 Research Question / Problem To elaborate this we have highlighted issues such as how can poor communications between manager and staff led to crisis for the organisation. 1.22 Classification Crisis / Non Crisis Communication is very important for the organisation. The corporate culture involves certain values, rules or behaviour within and outside the business. Through communication managers can elaborate the policies and procedures of the company to staffs and it binds them together. If the corporate culture is not strong and there is miss communication or poor communication, this might affect achieving the companys goal or even threaten the companys existence. Crisis can have negative impact on the company. The manger doesnt respect or appreciate employees work. This way the employee will have negative feeling towards the manager and wont perform well. This will affect both internally and externally and the companys name will be affected. 1.23 Objectives To know the organisation Briscoes Group Ltd. To understand the organisation culture and its impact on the employee and customers. To identify the managerial issue within the organisation and to analyse the implication of the managerial issue. To analyse provide recommendation solutions to the managerial issue identified. The purpose is to analyse the managerial issues that provide the group in sight of how an organisation culture impact its employees customers. To monitor the recommendation solution in order to ensure that the Briscoes Group ltd holds the majority of the market not only known by its profit sales but known as a company that portraits a culture that highlights the corporate between the manager employee. 1.24 Justification for conducting research The reason we chose this topic is: While shopping in Briscoe one of the group members identified that they have a managerial problem. The managers communication was unprofessional with the staff for such a big company. Communication plays a very important role in organisational culture both internal and external environment of the organisation. In effective communication can be a crisis for the organisation. It can bring a company down to its closure. Research will be done to improve this issue for Briscoes Group Ltd. 1.25 Perceived Drawbacks / Benefits of project This project will help to improve the relationship between store manager and the store employees and their work environment. The employees will get more motivated and encourage working for Briscoes Group Ltd and Briscoes will maintain its name in the market. 2.0 Project Plan A letter will be written to Briscoes Group Ltd asking for their approval to do research on their company and get approval to interview the manager, staff and customers. Identify the problem which they are facing then come up with ideas and solutions to be recommended so that they can overcome the problem. 2.1 Scope of study We are doing this research proposal as it is a required assessment for our Applied Management course. We have to identify a managerial problem in Briscoes Group Ltd. How we can evaluate this problem and find solutions for the organisation and help them to improve the performance of their manager employee. 2.2 Proposed Problem Solving Method The problem solving method we will use is Kepner-Tregoes which is appropriate for this research because. Its step by step method will help quickly and correctly to solve lots of organisations issues. The will help each and every individual in an organisation to efficiently organise information, analyse the situation and take action. There are seven steps to solve the problem and decision making. Decision making process starts when the manager is able to identify the problem. In Briscoes Group Ltd the problem is the in appropriate use of language and in professionalism at work. The research team has identified that Briscoes Group Ltd has inefficient communication issues and the problems that can arise from it. Lack of training provided by the manager and not showing professionalism at work. The research team will develop potential alternatives by using brainstorming techniques. The group will work together to provide ideas and substitute solutions. The theory behind this techniqu e is it encourages thinking out of the box example like doing something extra, steps like survey questions, interviewing manager and personal observation to produce alternatives. Third step alternative will be analyzed. This step is to decide the relative virtues of each idea. Fourth step is to choose the best alternative or solutions. Evaluate the problem and decide and plan procedures to how it can be implement on manager and employees. Last step is after implementing the solution, it must be monitored by senior management that its been followed and the company is making progress. 2.21 Steps in PSM Define and Identify the Problem Analyze the Problem Identifying Possible Solutions Selecting the Best Solutions Evaluating Solutions Develop an Action Plan Implement the Solution 2.22 Other Management concept / tools The research team will use four functions of management concept. Its called PLOC framework, planning, organising, leading and controlling. The group will do planning by setting up a goal and evaluate how to reach the goal. Then organise the work between each group members and then they will gather information. We will meet once a week and discuss the information gathered, consider it and see that all members are going in the same path by leading them. Try to finish our research on time by controlling it. 2.3 Perceived Limitation of Research Process I think the above problem solving and decision making method and its steps will make it very easy to identify and find solutions for the managerial problem and management concept will help us to submit our project on time. 2.31 Resources Needed The research should be completed within 14 weeks. To complete these task ,the group members will need access to computer, the internet, notes given by the tutor, research about the company whereby will need transportation and also support from the tutor. 2.32 Budgeting requirement Plan All members in the group will contribute $15 each to meet the cost of the whole assignment. The estimated total cost for this assignment would be as follows: Income $60.00 Expenses Travelling $30.00 Photocopying $3.00 Stationery $5.00 Printing $10.00 General Expenses $12.00 General Expenses will be for any small expenses that come across while doing the assignment. 2.33 Time Plan / Activity Plan The group will make list of all activities that has to be done. The task was divided amongst the group members/allocated and given certain time to be completed. Pritika will interview the HR advisor, Rizwaan will interview the staff, Nalini will interview the customers and Roneel will do observation with his observation checklist. 2.34 Perceived Limitation / Benefits (of above Resources, budget and activity plan is made so that all members will have equal contribution of their money, time and work. It will make work easy as well. 3.0 Research Methodology The information research will be collected by using questionnaire, interviews and personal observation. The research team consists of four members. The team will meet regularly to prepare the questionnaires and interview questions .Each instrument will be scrutinized and pretested to do necessary changes so that the data collected will be reliable .Each member is allocated a responsibility .One of the member is responsible for collating and typing the data .second member is allocated the plan and arrange interview schedule and also make a backup plan if the respondents are not available. The third member will analyze the data and present it in table and graph form. The forth member is going gather companies back grounds, histories and current states of the company .The team will together discuss the data and develop solutions and recommendations .Letters will be written to the HR advisor of Briscoes companies for permission to carry out the research and making the results availa ble to the company on completion .All the respondents will be letter about the purpose of the research and seeking their consent to participate. 3.1 Research Instruments The assessment techniques is possess in both validity and reliability, each research instruments will be pretested on a randomly selected respondent from the projected population .important changes will be made before using them to collect the data for the actual research . Validity and reliability is the two statistical properties used to evaluate the quality of the research instrument s .it will be done by observation, questionnaires or interview schedules 3.2 Evalualation of accuracy The problem stated above and by following the method to solve this problem and the information which will be collected will help us to come up with various ideas, to help Briscoes Group Ltd to improve their staff performance. Literature Review Many companies are now investing more into providing their staff with training in order to improve quality and quantity of their product and services. In retail competitive business, management s are more depended on store manager and employees performance. According to inkson and Kolb (2008), Maslows hierarchy of needs an appropriate method of identifying employee needs so that strategies for motivating employees are effective. Samson and Daft (2008) suggest employees come from many different cultures, different parts of the world with different experience, requires cultural sensitivity. Statistical Method Analyses Group will interview manager, staff, and customers as well as will do observation. Then the group will sit together and anlyse all the problems they are facing. Then will find solutions to overcome the problems Ethical Issue The proposal letter will be written to the HR advisor of the company for his/her permission to conduct further research. The research will be continued after the permission is granted by the manager. The responds will also be explained about the research purpose and it will be used as a source of data if they are interest to give information based on the research.

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Discrimination And Psychiatric Disorders Among Older...

Ada Delpino African Americans Discrimination and psychiatric disorders among older African Americans INTRODUCTION: Mouzon, D. M., Taylor, R. J., Keith, V. M., Nicklett, E. J., Chatters, L. M. (2016). Discrimination and psychiatric disorders among older African Americans. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. It is with extreme sadness that I read this article. The thought, that an entire population of people exist every day feeling less than, treated less than and receive less than their white counterparts for no other reason than the color of their skin, is sickening. Then to find that many disorders and mental health issues are the result of this treatment is beyond horrifying. The purpose of this article is to determine how racial and non-racial discrimination affect the mental health and psychiatric disorders regarding older African Americans. A population of people who have dealt with years of segregation, poor education, poor housing and unfair treatment in the workplace. Major discrimination is defined as occurrences that involve being denied or severely limited in access to opportunities in important life domains such as work, housing, and education (Williams et al., 1997). I will focus on what is considered everyday discrimination, three disorders that are relevant to discrimination along with the results for these cohorts. Methods: The Program for Research on Black Americans at the University of Michigan performed 6082 inShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Geography On Mental Health Service Use And Care1552 Words   |  7 Pages(2013), examined racial and ethnic disparities in older black and white adults and the role of geography in mental health service use and care. The critique of this article examined disparities addressed but also the lack of other minorities suffering lack of mental health service use. Reducing racial disparities across the four regions in the South, Northeast, Midwest and West would support improving mental health access at the national level. The older blacks in the South had a much higher rate ofRead MoreSubstance Abuse Paper1450 Words   |  6 Pagesabuse has been on the rise with many people falling victims. This paper concentrates on substance abuse and addictive disorders in the African American population. When it comes to the scope of the problem regarding the extent to which i t affects the people, depression, poverty, and stress is closely connected to alcohol abuse and appears to be the same for both men and women (American Psychological Association, 2000). The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reports that the risks of substance abuseRead MoreMental Health Treatment On The Population As A Whole Based On An Individual s Race1834 Words   |  8 Pagesindividual’s race, class and gender. Mental disorders are very common in the United States. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 26.2 percent of Americans, ages 18 and older, suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. This is about one in four adults; this figure translates to 57.7 million people. These numbers are high, and research has suggested that less than one-half of people who suffer from a serious mental disorder receive treatment (Sebelius, FriedenRead MoreCulturally Adapted Acceptance And Commitment Therapy For Treating Depression Among Latino Adults9015 Words   |  37 PagesCULTURALLY ADAPTED ACCEPTANCE AND COMMITMENT THERAPY FOR TREATING DEPRESSION AMONG LATINO ADULTS by Lucerito E. Ruiz Ramirez, M.S. A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Psychology UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE College of Arts and Sciences Psychology Department Month and year dissertation is completed Copyright  © (year submitted) Lucerito E. Ruiz Ramirez All Rights Reserved CULTURALLYRead MoreChildren Are Victims Of Violence And Violence3788 Words   |  16 Pagesa daily occurrence. Robberies and physical and sexual assaults occur everywhere and there are often several witnesses to the event. â€Å"Research has shown that exposure to traumatic experiences such as crime and violence, found in predominantly African American communities exceed those in areas dominated by most other ethnic groups† (Coker, et. al., 2014, p. 88). Children are exposed to violence and grow up thinking it is a normal part of daily life. These children grow up in fear and use coping mechanismsRead MoreSuicide Among African Americans Today3552 Words   |  15 PagesSuicide Among African Americans Today I ask myself, â€Å"What is something that has an effect on African Americans today?† After days of much thought and coming up with nothing I said, â€Å"Well, I’m an African American†¦ What’s something that has been effecting my life?† SUICIDE†¦ Whether it be committed or attempted, suicide is something that I see to be a growing issue among the African American culture. I believe this to be brought on by either 1. Depression 2. Fear or 3. Mental Illness SuicideRead MoreImmigration Identity: Acculturation and Complex Mental Status1708 Words   |  7 Pagesstood out. At the time, Akron was the most densely populated it had ever been, and due to their low socioeconomic status, the family moved into one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. The majority of the city was comprised of people of African American descent, and due to their lack of experience in diversity, the Ivasku family experienced an intense culture shock (Meiller 2014). Back in Serbia, they were used to living on a farm in an area where everyone else was like them, Serbian. They neverRead MoreDepression Is A Normal Part Of Aging Among Older Adults10811 Words   |  44 Pages Abstract As the number of the older adults is increasing so are those living with depression, and according to a study done by the US Department of Commerce, it is estimated that the older adult population will more than likely double by 2050 and of 80 million and many as 1 in 5 Americans would be considered as an older adult (US Department of Commerce, 1995). There are many losses that accompany the aging process. These include the loss of loved ones and their independence. They begin to feel asRead MoreEssay on The Mental Health of Individuals in the LGBT community3244 Words   |  13 Pagestwice as likely to develop lifetime mood and anxiety disorders (Bostwick 468). This is extremely noticeable the past couple years in the suicides of bullied teens on the basis of sexual identity and expression. The stigma on simply being perceived as LGBT is strong enough to cause a person enough mental stress that they would take their own life. This is always unfortunate, but in the case of young indi viduals it borders on unthinkable. Older LGBT individuals do not tend to fair much better eitherRead MoreThe Asian American Population On The Health Disparity Surrounding Mental Health4671 Words   |  19 PagesIn 2014, the Asian American population accounted for nearly 5.4% of the total United States (U.S) population and is projected to increase to 9.3% by the year 2060.1 Currently, the cities with the largest populations of Asian Americans include the major metropolitan and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Honolulu.1 In this report, the Asian American population was defined as individuals who reported their race as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Asian

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The techniques and approaches found in TESOL differ dramatically from those of other areas of teaching because of its student centred and dynamic nature. Furthermore, since TESOL takes place in a multicultural environment; that is, the ESL classroom, intercultural aspects should also be considered, addressed, and ideally, taught. As a result, the cultural diversity found in TESOL and the interactive nature of this field of teaching has an impact on the way language is presented and practised. We will write a custom essay sample on ESL teaching methodologies or any similar topic only for you Order Now According to the online articled Why to activate your ESL students’ Background Schema, published by Laura Greenwood (2011) on bridgetefl. com, â€Å"it is important to activate your students’ experiences with and knowledge of the topic of the listening/ reading†. By activating students’ schematta, the teacher is not only directing the students into the topic and creating interest in it but also encouraging them to use language in context. Additionally, experienced and creative ESL teachers may be able to pre-teach contextualized vocabulary whilst activating students’ schematta because any unknown lexical items found in listening and reading passages are in fact related to the topic of the text/listening, so the teacher has a context to teach (elicit) these words. Another important strategy adopted by ESL teachers is language elicitation. Rather than introducing a word by saying: â€Å"this is a word and that is what it means† or teaching a grammar point by simply telling the students its rules and form, TESOL teachers often use an essential technique called elicitation, through which students can be involved in the process of discovering and understanding anguage; that is, the teacher uses different techniques to elicit lexical items or grammatical structures that they want to introduce to their students. However, it is usually the case that ESL learners may not know the word or grammatical item that the teacher is trying to elicit, but they will at least know the concept of the linguistic item intended to be taught, which is still relevant, because knowing the concept of a word or grammar point is considered to be as important as knowing the form. Eliciting† (2009, section 4) states that there are cultures where students are more sed to a teacher centred way of knowledge instruction, which means that they see the teacher as the only person who has the authority to provide knowledge, therefore when eliciting language, TESOL teachers should consider the fact that students from these cultures are less likely to actively participate when the class are asked open questions (who can tell me†¦? Does anybody know†¦? ), and instead try to nominate students to answer questions more often. In fact, the ideal ESL teacher is described by Harmer, J. (2007, p. 08) as â€Å"one who is democratic rather than autocratic, and one who fosters learner autonomy through the use of group work and by acting more of a resource than a transmitter of knowledge†, which contradicts the role of the teacher in many cultures, where they are seen as the sole provider of knowledge. However, when activating schematta and eliciting language, which are essential techniques adopted in TESOL, the students’ input is vital, and in order to achieve that, different teachers with different personalities and teaching styles use different techniques to It is common knowledge that language and culture are interrelated, and through the language, English in this regard, ESL learners can, or ideally they should, acquire intercultural knowledge in order to communicate more competently. With this concept in mind, Ability English – an ELICOS centre in Sydney – included an intercultural communication program in their syllabus. Nicholas Kirk, who is the director of studies and designed the course, argues that â€Å"it is almost impossible to teach language in isolation from culture†, therefore he believes that cross-cultural ommunication should be taught in order to help ESL students use their language skills more effectively. Role plays, group activities, reading and listening passages, videos, among other resources and types of activities can be used to practise language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) and other linguistics elements, such as grammar, lexis, and pronunciation, while training students so that they can achieve intercultural competence. In other words, ESL teachers can raise students’ awareness to cross-cultural areas, including eye contact, personal space, body anguage, face-saving, individualism and collectivism, and concurrently, or possibly subsequently, use the contextualized content to practise and/or introduce language, enhancing not only their students’ language skills but also their interpersonal and interactional effectiveness. Having the language skills is undoubtedly necessary in order to be in contact with people from different cultures, but understanding such cultures is also important in this globalized world, especially in the workplace, since the ultimate goal of ESL learners is to be able to use English to successfully ommunicate with people from other cultural backgrounds. Considering the fact that TESOL allows more flexibility than in other fields of teaching, and that language is a vital element of culture, linguistic and cross-cultural aspects may be taught in conjunction by ESL teachers. In sum, I would like to stress that the teacher’s knowledge of the linguistic items being taught is unarguably important in TESOL, as it is in all areas of teaching; however, in the ESL teaching context, it is equally important to use a variety of ethods and strategies to get the students to actively participate in their learning process, since the ESL classroom is an environment where the focus is on the students, rather than on the teacher, resulting in more STT than TTT, which is a primary concept in TESOL. ESL students have one goal in common: to learn English to be able to communicate with people from different cultures, but due to multicultural nature of ESL classes, TESOL teachers need to be culturally sensitive, and if possible, in addition to teaching language, devote some time to training their students to be ore inter-culturally competent to help them use language in a multicultural context more effectively. How to cite ESL teaching methodologies, Papers

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Brief Description Of Edward Teller Essay Edward TellerEdward Teller is a Hungarian-American physicist, known for his work on the hydrogen bomb. Teller was born in Budapest in 1908, and was educated in Germany at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe and at the universities of Munich and Leipzig. He received his Ph. D. in physics in 1930. After working at the University of Goettingen with James Frank and at the Niels Bohr Institute, he became Professor of Physics at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. in 1935. In 1941 he became an American citizen. In the same year he joined the U.S. atomic bomb development project known as the Manhattan Project. For more than a decade he worked with the Italian-born physicist Enrico Fermi on this and succeeding projects at Columbia University, at the University of Chicago, and at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Edward Teller managed Los Alamos research on the Super, as he called the hydrogen bomb. Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan and the end of World War II slowed Super research. Teller, a strong anti-Communist and sensitive to U.S. and Soviet relations, pushed unsuccessfully to accelerate work on a super-bomb. He was frustrated by the post-war direction of Los Alamos. He accepted a University of Chicago professorship and left Los Alamos in October 1945. In April 1946, Teller returned to Los Alamos and led a secret conference on the Super. The conference reviewed his earlier work on fusion, which led to his full-time return to Los Alamos in 1949 to continue research on the hydrogen bomb. On January 31, 1950, President Truman approved hydrogen bomb development and testing, partly as a result of the first Soviet atomic test the previous August. In 1952 he became professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, and director of the Livermore, California, division of the universitys radiation laboratory (now Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). He was the principal architect of the hydrogen bomb, first tested in 1952, and he strongly advocated that the United States continue the testing of thermonuclear weapons. He also made contributions to the application of nuclear explosives to peaceful uses. From 1954 to 1958, he served as Associate Director at the new Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. He became a consultant to the laboratory in 1952.In 1975 he retired from teaching, but remained director emeritus of the radiation laboratory. After working on the production of the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project, Edward Teller went on to become the principal designer of the hydrogen bomb. He remained a steadfast advocate of nuclear weapons testing throughout his life. In recent years, Teller has championed the Star Wars missile defense system, despite the fact that such a system is very expensive and has no conceivable way of working. Teller has written a few books. His books include Conversations on the Dark Secrets of Physics (Plenum Press, 1991), Better a Shield Than a Sword (Free Press, 1987), Pursuit of Simplicity (Pepperdine Press, 1980), and Energy from Heaven and Earth (W. H. Freeman, 1979). Teller has received numerous honors, among them the Albert Einstein Award, the Enrico Fermi Award, the Harvey Prize from the Technion-Israel Institute, and the National Medal of Science.Biographies

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The Role of Bum That Others Have Marked Out for Him free essay sample

Terry overcomes the role of bum that others have marked out for him, do you agree? Terry is the main character in the movie, ‘On the Waterfront’. Terry is called a bum many times throughout the movie, for different reasons. Terry tries to convince himself that he is not a bum, although he opens up towards the end of the movie, and finally admits that he is one. Terry’s brother Charley and Johnny Friendly are shown to be responsible for Terry’s role as a bum. Although it is open to interpretation, Terry seems to overcome this role in the last scene of the movie.At first, Terry is a young man with no real path or ambition in life, which shows the viewer that Terry doesn’t seem to know who he is or where he is going in life. Terry is part of Friendly’s ‘gang’, although he doesn’t really seem to fit in anywhere. We will write a custom essay sample on The Role of Bum That Others Have Marked Out for Him or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Chapter 9 gives us the first meaning on the word bum. Rummy (the drunk) asks Edie and Terry for change, and to keep Rummy from opening his mouth about Terry’s role in Joey’s death, Terry throws change at him. This is when Rummy says, ‘You don’t have to buy me. You’re still a bum. From this quote, we see that Terry is called a bum because of what he has done to Joey and his position in Friendly’s gang. This shows the viewer that everyone thinks of Terry as a bum, even the ‘bums’ themselves. Chapter 13 gives us another meaning of bum, when Edie says ‘Pop says Johnny Friendly used to own you – well, I think he still owns you no wonder everyone calls you a bum. ’ This is open to interpretation, as Edie could mean that Terry is a bum because he is not his own person, or because he is still part of Friendly’s gang.Terry seems to be looked down on morally because of his position in Friendly’s gang – which shows us what people think of Friendly. Terry never takes responsibility for his role as a bum, as he blames is on his brother Charley when he says, ‘You was my older brother, Charley you shoulda looked out for me’. Terry really believes that he could have had class, and he could have been a contender. He shows us this when he says, ‘ I could have been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am, let’s face it. ’ We know that Charley takes responsibility for this due to the addened look on his face and the rising in music. When Charley then gives Terry his gun and says, ‘You’re gonna need it’, we know that Terry is going to defy Friendly – which is part of his task in overcoming the role of bum. It is open to consideration whether it is Terry’s conscience, Edie and Father Barry or Charley’s death that really helps Terry overcome his role of bum. Although all of these characters seem to play a part. Terry shows the viewers that he is starting to overcome it in the third scene of the movie, because we can see that Terry feels guilty for his role in Joey’s death.Although, his guilty conscience really starts to bother him when he meets Edie. We can see by the anguish and sadness on Terry’s face when Edie calls him a ‘bum’, that he wants to be who Edie wants him to be. Father Barry also plays a part in Terry’s change of character, because he sticks by Terry and stops him from doing things he will regret like ‘taking it out of their skulls’. Charley’s death was like the push for Terry. Terry wanted to get back at Friendly, and he decided to ‘fight him in the court room with the truth’.Even though Terry’s so-called friends decided to ignore him, Terry had done the right thing morally and he had broken away from Friendly’s gang. This is when Terry really feels like he has overcome his role of bum, ‘they always said I was a bum well I ain’t a bum. I’m gonna go down there and get my rights. ’ From this point on, he wears Joey’s jacket – which symbolises all the people who were going to tell the truth and do the right thing. It is also open to consideration whether Terry actually overcomes this role. He seems to overcome it, although the last scene when the door closes on the longshore men could confuse some viewers.We don’t know if Terry has really overcome his role – because although he has done the right thing morally, the longshore men still looked down on him, because he didn’t stick to D and D. Even Tommy looked down on Terry when he throws a dead pigeon at Terry and says, ‘a pigeon for a pigeon’. Although, it all changes in scene 28 when Father Barry says, ‘You lost the battle. But you have a chance to win the war’- and Terry wins this war by leading the longshore men into the workshop and leaving Johnny Friendly isolated. The end scene confuses some viewers, because when they all walk back into the workshop – they seem to be going back to their old life, with no change at all. Therefore, it is hard to know whether the longshore men would make the same mistake by not standing up for themselves. To most viewers, Terry does overcome his role of bum that his brother Charley and Friendly have marked out for him. He does this by breaking away from Friendly’s gang, learning what is morally right and wrong, standing alone and fighting for the truth – and finding himself in the process.